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JRX100  series

JRX100 series

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JRX100 delivers the performance and prestige JBL is known for at an affordable price point. Everything that makes a speaker perform and sound its best is included and the things that don’t were eliminated. JRX100 delivers unprecedented value.

JRX115 and JRX115i*
The JRX115 is a trapezoidal, 15" speaker system for use in live sound, dance music, and speech reinforcement. As with all JRX100 speakers, it’s equipped with components built in our Northridge, California factory. The speaker includes a dual-angle, 35 mm pole mount socket as well as Neutrik® SpeakOn® and 1⁄4" input connectors.

* In the JRX115i and JRX112Mi, the installation versions, three M10 eyebolts and threaded brackets replace the feet, pole socket, and handles of the portable JRX115 and JRX112M. All other specifications

The JRX125 is a “quasi three-way” design, with the upper woofer covering both lows and mids. The bottom woofer uses a lower crossover frequency and covers only lows, acting as a builtin subwoofer. It offers the extra low-end of a dual 15" speaker while maintaining the superior midfrequency performance of a single driver system.

JRX112M and JRX112Mi*
The JRX112M is a compact and low-profile stage monitor with optimized performance in the critical mid-range. It also includes JBL‘s dual-angle pole socket for use as a front-of-house speaker.

The JRX118S subwoofer is driven by a massive JBL 18" woofer with a cast frame and 3" voice coil. We’ve even created settings for the dbx DriveRack® PA Loudspeaker Controller. JRX118SP The JRX118SP is a self-powered version of the JRX118S. It includes a specially designed amplifier with 500 watts (peak) and 300 watts  (continuous) power output. This subwoofer features dual inputs with balanced XLR connectors, built-in
stereo crossover network, and a peak limiter to protect the amplifier and speaker from clipping.

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